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"i got to class and had it made..."

ok, i'm tired. i'm soar. i have to wake up every morning at 8 or earlier. my throat is constantly raw from singing. to sum up- i couldn't be happier. after what was a pretty crappy year, acting wise, for me it feels great to be doing what i love again. what i feel i'm good at, ya know? this part makes every cast list without my name worth it. when i wasn't cast in meta clare and lauren grabbed me and pulled me outside and kept saying "no...seriously, this is wrong and they're saving something BIG for you in 'chorus line!'" i didn't believe them, but they turned out right.

oh, i got the part of mike costa in a chorus line. if you don't know the show, i'm the guy who sings "i can do that" and tap dances. my character is also considered the best male dancer and is cocky with his kicks and leaps (type casting? i suggest you download my song, as it's the best in the score, but i might just be biased.

seriously, i feel great. i also feel more adult with responsibilities; maintaining my grades, performance ensemble, practicum, rehearsals out the wazoo. at first i bitched and moaned about it, but then i realized this is what the real world is like, and thanks to my friend mr. coffee, things aren't so bad.

last wednesday i was supposed to get a facial (i know, i'm spoiled...blah blah blah), but when i got to the spa i was informed they told me the wrong time and would i mind waiting an hour. i had a mini panic attack because i could wait the hour, but that would leave me a whole 15 min to get back downtown and changed and stretched for rehearsal. i'd like to hear mallory's response when i called in late with the old 'my facial ran long' excuse. so i said no, i couldn't and secretly thought "i'm sorry i busted my ass getting down here on my one afternoon off so you can tell me it was all for nothing. see if i ever give you $80 again, motherf*cker!!" i was sad because i was really looking forward to being pampered a little bit (despite how much a good facial works). i was shocked when i was told i could reschedule and it would be free of charge. i smiled and rescheduled politely so now i get a free facial (and you can bet i'll be milking them for free extractions) this wednesday afternoon.

i hate buying jazz shoes. they're more expensive then i remember, but my old ones are not only more modern and sneakers, but they're falling apart. blah...but i also got a new key chain to celebrate my part. it's a shoe tap and i love it even though no one seems to recognize it.

anyway, my facebook has some rehearsal photos for your viewing enjoyment or to, let's face it, mock because that's what we all do with people's facebook pictures and you know it.

until next time.
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