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attend the tale...

quarter's over. rocky's over. i've been on break for weeks. moving on

i just returned from new york with amber for our second annual hottness tour. i think it's safe to say we stole all the funs and used them appropriately. a short recap is as follows-

friday-i arrived in newport news and we (amber, mark, ryan, and myself) decided to get food at cheddar's and see a movie. since brokeback mountain is only playing in five theatres in the country (those lying advertising bastards) we decided to venture into narnia. seriously peeps, the white witch is my jam. i want to wear mcqueen inspired gowns of lion fur and chain mai and have red eyeliner, totally hot, non?

saturday- ambers and i woke up, drove 6 hours and arrived in jersey in plenty of time to eat with her grandfather and her helene, see his concert, meet carmine (ever so much fun and adorable), and venture to carraba's with the chorus including a lady who almost cried over her soup.

sunday-woke up late, arrived at church late, got confused for amber's boyfriend 100 times, played cards, and then dressed up vintage barbies US weekly style. pictures will soon follow of our creations

monday-slept until almost 2, scaring helene. mostly did nothing but plan the next two days with amber on the computer looking up addresses and restaurants. i did go to target to purchase a new digital camera, which i think will come in handy for capturing all my zany moments. we then visited the same "christmas house of wishes, dreams, magic, wonder, and lights" we visited last year. seriously, the house is pimp. p. i. m. p.

tuesday-boarded a train, went into the city, shopped mid and uptown, ate and a fantastic mexican restaurant near 39th steet and saw sweeney todd at the eugene o'neil theatre. one word: wow. the most impressive and amazing thing i have ever seen on stage. i've loved this show for years, but this staging blew my mind. gone were the large sets, costumes, chorus, and even orchestra. in their place was a bare stage minus a few pieces like chairs, blocks, and a coffin, and ten multi-tasking actors playing their own instruments. very subjective, very dark, very stunning. the actor who played tobias, manoel felciano, was phenominal playing four different instruments (violin, piano, clarinet, percussion), singing, and his acting was spot-on. also, patti lupone was an incredible mrs lovett completely shattering the mold of the character by playing her with a casual, more sexy air, not to mention bumping around stage playing a tuba. i recommend going HERE and click play video to give you an idea of the experience.

we then took the subway to brooklyn, learned about theft on the subway, then found rula's lovely apartment. it was fantastic to catch up with her talking loudly and nonstop for hours. she's so wonderful for letting us crash for the night. i really really want to do it again soon and hopefully she'll get to visit either virginia or savannah sometime. *crosses fingers*

wednesday-after eating near time square we caught the matinee of sweet charity. i know it got mixed reviews, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. the set was cute, the dancing was great, and miss applegate was fantastic. she was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. and dennis ohare made the perfect bumbling oscar. we left the theatre, took the subway to soho, shopped at the moma store, and ate a fantastic, yet expensive dinner.

i love new york. in less than two years i'll be living there. kind of a very scary and exciting notion.

yesterday was spent driving back to newport news and watching dvds of newlyweds and today was spent by me driving home.

also, like amber, i too made straight As. feel free to give me the monies or the sex. either one is cool.
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