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my mind has been expanded...

i'm really sorry for the complete and totally absence from the fun and fascinating world of blogging. i've been terribly busy with rehearsals, shows, and a social life. well, social life is a bit of a stretch. mostly, i've just watched movies and drank with paul and elin.

this has been the best summer of my entire life. i've somewhat missed wise and the people and friends i have there, but staying in savannah for the summer to do rocky horror was one of the best decisions i've ever made. i've wanted to do this show since 4th grade or so (sick, i know, right?) and getting to finally do it was incredible. also sick was the fact my parents loved loved loved the show and were overly proud of my molestation and kissing of both guys and girls on stage. but oh well, i had fun and we still have many many many more shows to do in the fall. :)

highlights of the summer have been the truth or dare parties, and bobby and aurelia's 21st birthday party with a rocky/fetish theme. loads of horrible blackmail-able pictures were taken of everyone doing hilarious and dirty things. shortly after this, kate left us for europe. spending a month without her has been terrible, but luckily she'll be back around next sunday and we can get back to having all the funs for the remaining three weeks of summer.

also, this summer has been spent watching a large chunck of gilmore girls. i feel i've seen the future and one day might become loralai. please do all you can to prevent this from happening. i already make too many pop culture references and am afraid i'm one go gos joke away from becoming only funny to myself (and paul, thank god).

having my parents in town was so much fun. on friday night after the show they took me, paul, elin, and meg to gottleib's for drinks and dessert where we had a blast mocking me and watching paul eat every chocolate chewie in sight. the next night we all went to vinnie's for amazing pizza and pitchers of killians. i feel my parents liked my friends and vice versa and i feel more open and honest with them.

this week will be spent recovering and sleeping. hopefully next friday i will be journeying to newport news to visit amber for a weekend of fun and make-ups. then i'll be back in savannah for another week before venturing to raleigh with paul (and hopefully kate) for a week to visit his family, abuse substances, and see coldplay and rilo kiley (don't think i wont be making a tshirt requesting "cookie time" won't be made). then we'll roll back into town to start classes and a second run of the show. i really can't think of a better ending for a fantastic summer.
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