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things that are pissing me off...

1)fall fashion week-seriously! gray? grossly oversized sweaters and ankle length skirts?? am i supposed to get on board with this. dear upcoming paris and milan shows, rock please. give me some hope in this world.
2)fox news in general- just watched outfoxed and it might be the best documentary ever. wow. what one-sided, lying assholes
3)bill o'reilley- YOU, sir, need to take that dildo out of your ass (as we all know you like) and shove it in your mouth to shut you up.
4)ashlee simpson's boots-wow. you're ugly.
5)project runway- ok, seriously, wtf??? wendy's in the top three?? that color-blind troll!?? thanks nancy o'dell for kicking austin off for being "too glamorous"...really? nancy o'dell as a guest judge? really????
6)us weekly, entertainment weekly, marc jacobs, and vh1-thanks for stealing all my ideas. im expecting checks from all of you immediately.
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