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globes wrap-up...

nicole kidman in gucci- fantastic, of course the woman could wear anything. gorgeous colors, gorgeous feathers.

uma thurman in dior- she can either look awkward or stunning and she repeated last year's tradition of looking dead on.

natalie portman in chloe- ok, the hair, make up, and accessories are wonderful. the dress is fantastic. however, i would like for it to fit better around the top. we know she's got a beautiful body and she should show off that she has breasts! i get the whole boho chic or the loose-fit, but i'm just being really picky with her.

renee zellweger is carolina herrera- definition of classic, but doest look "old". she's really becomming someone to look forward to seeing at these events.

mischa barton in azzaro- see, she can buy a dress that fits! she's never looked better (i say that like she's been around for years and years).

naomi watts in valentino couture- wow. she follows the trend of up, yet loose hair and white. the halter makes her shoulders look a bit boney, but again, beeing really picky about it.

scarlett johansson- toss up. beautiful hair and make up, beautiful dress. both very maryln. however, the colors dont seem to go together.

johnny depp- ok, ummm....costume party, much?

cate blanchette in john paul gaultier- wow. knockout. she always looks appropriate and lovely. she's become on of the most stylish women in the world. her and nicole should do everything together!

emmy rossum in cutsom ralph lauren- she looks simply haunting. one of my top picks. for someone so new and so young (18) she has such star presence.

laura linney in prada- classic, as always. she's stunning for her age and is a hands-down winner at everything.

leonardo dicaprio- annnnd that's how it's done right!

jennifer garner in vintage valentino- ok, she looks nice. the dress should only have the frills in the front or the back. both make her look very odd.

marcia cross in richard tyler- my favorite housewive did not dissapoint! she looks seductively old hollywood. the deep color played very well off her gorgeous red hair.

terri hatcher in donna karen- first off, this is a horrible picture. the dress looked much better than this. she looked amazing and took home a pretty good accessory. she seemed so happy and really glowed.

eva longoria in oscar de la renta- another top pic. since sarah jessica couldnt be at the awards, she seemed to send her spirit in this look. perfect dress, shoes, hair, make-up and earings.

ashley judd in prada- normally this lady knows how to do it. not tonight. she should have left it to mr armani to derss her.

diane kruger- i think we found johnny depps' date to that costume party.

halle berry in valentino- wow. so she decided to exaggerate the unevenness of her boobs. fantastic. < /sarcasm>

debra messing in vera wang- she knows how to look. always. beautiful hair, beautiful pearls.
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