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just_bret everyone

Extra points if you can name the person or a person who said it.

1. Pick one dozen movies that are ones that you have special feelings about.
2. Pick a few lines of dialogue that mean something to you.
3. As people guess the film, strike out that entry.
4. If possible, after the film is guessed, explain why that movie made the list.

1.“where the white women at??”. sarah got it....this movie shouldnt be funny. but, oh, it is.

2.“you know, i speak whale” sarah again...ellen degeneres is my JAM!

3.“what’s your damage?” sarah...this movie is so very!

4.“danny devito! i love your work!” perfectly captures high school. hilarious movie

5.“it’s showtime, folks!”

6.“say, any of you guys know how to madison?”

7.“i cant believe i just got felt up by my grandmother!” sarah once again...oh, jake ryan

8.“i love you more than my luggage” sarah. this movie was my favorite as a child. i quote all of it.

9.“who does you nails?...i’m too old for that whore-y look”..shana-banana...this movie is great, because it's so bad.

10.“no honey, this is mine...this is fringe!”

11.“’s an island is what it is”

12.“oh, don’t worry, silicone is buoyant”

13.“meet me at the picnic table in 10 seconds...thank you for meeting me” sarah, although she's never seen it!!! this movie is soooo random, but fantastic.

14. “tell me chino, how many bullets are left in this gun? enough for you?? and you??”

Bonus: "write it down on a piece of paper, and put it in your purse for a rainy day. ‘tom loves me’”
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